• Training Tip – Insufficient Recovery Sets

    Here’s a workout that will help keep you going longer and faster, even near the end of a race. Insufficient heart rate recovery sets train your body to work efficiently even when it’s fatigued. The concept is to perform medium to long distance speed intervals, alternating incomplete recovery after the odd repeats and complete recovery after the even repeats. At the end of a complete recovery your heart rate and breathing should be down to normal. At the end of an incomplete recovery, your heart rate and breathing are still a little fast. The odd repeats should start all-out fast from the get-go having had a complete recovery. The even repeats start at a moderate speed and increase to all-out effort at the end. Do this workout once a week or every other week.

    You can adapt this workout in the swim, bike or run.

    N.B. Before attempting this workout, make sure you have a solid training base, with at least one month of higher intensity efforts as part of your routine schedule.

    Train smart. Race fast.

    Frank Adornato

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  • Mission Statement

    The mission of the St. Pete Road Runners (SPRR) is to encourage running and walking for individuals of all ages and abilities in a social environment while promoting fitness and providing education in the community. The SPRR club is well suited for the recreational runner or walker as well as the serious competitor.


    SPRR extends an open invitation to runners and walkers of all abilities to come out and join us for one of our group runs.

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